Sticky Cyber Molecules (SCM)
last updated 10/17/2002
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Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress - it's still very rough.

Biological life started when organic molecules started to stick together.  I think we can apply this to decentralized searches on the internet.  There are needs and wants scattered everywhere.  Each particular want intends to stick to its qualifying need, and visa versa.  Let's create Sticky Cyber Molecules (SCM) that represent these wants and needs and distribute them in the network where mechanisms can match them up.

Some things that are needed:

Notes: Quick rough Example:

        <qualities>'qualified buyer'</qualities>
                <location>Western Washington</location>
                <qualities required>house, rambler</qualities>
                <bedrooms>4 min</bedrooms>
                <sqf>2000 min</sqf>
                <price>below 250000</price>
            <qualities>fsbo, large bedrooms</qualities>
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2002 Sandro Hawke Query By Assertion

..."Instead of asking, "Who is Bob's father?" one can say, "I want to be told the name of Bob's father." The latter form is an assertion which would have the same effect as the first form on an appropriately programmed server (such as a human). Traditional queries require a query language in which logic sentences can be embedded with query variables; query by assertion requires the logic be sufficiently expressive and that it have some kind of request-to-send-message construct."