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Updated 1/25/99

Question:  Why do we make jump lists?  Answer: To figure out the state of the art.  Obviously this one is not complete, yet it represents my current awareness of what's happening in the ai community today.  If you know of  something that should be here, please email me at  .  In particular I am interested in AI systems that have demos on the WWW ... and even more interested in demos of natural language parsing or understanding or web search agents.  As with most Jump Lists, when I achieve the awareness I'm looking for, I'll probably stop updating the list ... but if you are viewing it circa January 1999 ... you're in luck.

News Flash !!  See transcripts of the 1999 Loebner Prize Competition

(AI) Artificial Intelligence - general Jump Lists

AI on the Web A very comprehensive list of links.
Yahoo has a category  you could always start here
A Turing registry site in open cyberspace Lots of current links
An Introduction to the Science of Artificial Intelligence  Basic introduction ... great starting point
 Seth's ConjectureSums up my point of view

Various techniques for building AI.

The Internet "Who's in control?"

Library Science & Information Retrieval

 Cool AI related sites

John McCarthy's Home Page
Marvin Minsky's Home Page
Douglas Hofstadter's Home Page
 dea Exchange

Robots ...
Prizes ...



Seth's Conjecture - supporting views:

 In Search of a Common Language by Francis Van Aeken
Darwin Among the Machines
Technological SingularityA rather gloomy prediction made in 1993.
More comming soon ...

Unusual ...

Chatter bots ...

News groups

On-line Publications & Associations

Companies producing AI related products or services (very partial list ;-)

To Check Out

Just discovered  ... too new to grok ...

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