Quantification can be specified by a labeled arrow drawn  from a variable to the context in which it is scoped.  This animation shows the inference process happening on the KIF formula:

(forAll (?x ?y)
(dmal:equivalentTo ?x ?y))

First the rule context binds to a context in which it holds.  Then each variable binds successively to the nodes specified in the scope of the quantifier  and  any infered arrows are drawn.  

We may interpert the arrows in the resultant graph to represent facts in reality. We have represented that mapping by drawing 'IS' arrows from the nodes in the context to imagined facts in our interpertation of reality.  For the actual meaning of 'IS' please refer to the RDF Model Theory .
If every arrow in the resultant graph matches a fact in reality, we can say that the graph models reality.  

animated image of quantification